Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Silent Middle

Day 2 of the conference and it didn't get any better ("The politics of rehearsal, the essence of action and the silent middle" anyone?) so bunked off after lunch to catch up with a torrent of emails in my hotel room before heading into town to meet a music promoter who wants to bring Nithin Sawhney to China. Refreshing to actually do something practical rather than just talk about the abstract.

Meanwhile, in the Government's public sector cuts, it was announced today that the British Council's grant from the FCO will be cut from £180m to £149m by 2014 (the rest of our budget is earned thru the English and exams business. The Board thinks this is "reasonable" all things considered. Spare a thought for 19 of the DCMS's other public bodies which were either abolished (eg UK Film Council and Museum, Libraries and Archives Council) or drastically reformed (eg the Arts Council has to make administrative savings of 50%).

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