Sunday, October 10, 2010

Domestic Bliss

It's not all jazz and glitz and glamour. This weekend has been more about staying in and men coming round to fix things. We were looking forward to delivery of our made-to-measure white bookshelves this morning, but it turned out they weren't painted so it's books in boxes for another week yet. Nevermind, our two cases of wine did arrive except that much of it turned out to be half bottles. So that's why it was cheap. The landlord took away our on-the-blink 32" TV and replaced it with a 27"; couldn't understand why we wanted a smaller one. Two men came round to try to sort out our landline phone which only rings twice. Another man came to test our smoke alarms. More men round to perform a routine check on our aircon while I was in boxer shorts making pancakes. Cooking, hoovering, washing, cleaning, homework, making a cardboard TV for N... Domestic bliss.