Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Short Stories

Pleasant evening with short story writers Tania Hershman & Paul McVeigh from UK and Mónica Lavín & Maurizio Montiel from Mexico. Funny grenre. How many words is the max? Is a novella the same thing or a bit longer? Stylistically, is there anything that defines a short story as opposed to a novel? Fewer characters, shorter periods of time, basically less complex? Tania offered this comparison: "Think of a short story as a poem and a novel as an opera." They're a funny couple, Tania & Paul. I mean, they're not an item, but just the way they banter. We're splitting them up tomorrow: Tania's off to Monterrey, Paul to Tijuana.
I also really enjoyed talking to Maurizio Montiel who, apart from writing short stories, is writing a novel, El Hombre de Tweed, on Twitter. He's been posting 140 character sections for the last two or three years and is nearing the end. It's here, if you can figure it out.

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