Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dia del Padre

Fathers' Day. Its origins are obscure but date back to around 100 years ago, just after Mothers' Day was established. An American Civil War vet by the name of William Jackson Smart had raised six children after his wife had died giving birth to the last of them. His one daughter, who had helped bring them up, proposed fathers be honoured. But it was pretty local to Spokane, Washington State, and didn't really catch on until companies selling ties, pipes and slippers saw the commercial potential (much like the card, flower and spa industries championed Mothers' Day). Finally, thanks to Nixon, it became a public holiday in 1972. 
It isn't in Mexico. But the girls made me photo coasters, Liz gave me chocolate, we had lunch at Pain de Quotidien, and I got free time to do some writing. No ties. Perfect.

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