Saturday, June 6, 2015

Guys, Girls, Kids, playing to Stereotypes

In a few more weeks, N will have finished primary school. End of an era. Today the Parents Association organized a 'graduation party' in a function room with a big garden way out in the hills. Turned out really well. The children ate & played out in the garden (huge bouncy castle, water fights and all that) while we adults enjoyed a great Mexican buffet. And then they showed the Champions League Final. It was such a cliche. Blokes huddled together watching the footie, women chatting away at the tables and children running around outside. Of course, like me, the Mexicans were all rooting for Barca. What a team. Victory was a foregone conclusion but there was a 10 minute spell in the second half when you did wonder a bit.
Here's me and my mate Angel, the grandfather of N's best classmate. He's Spanish, and a Real fan as it happens, but he didn't begrudge Barca their moment of glory.

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