Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Question: when did animated films start using big-name actors to do the voices?  When I was young, no-one really had any idea who did the voices in Disney films. Cinderella? Ilene Woods. The Aristocats' Thomas O'Malley and Jungle Book's Baloo? Phil Harris. Ariel in the Little Mermaid? Jodi Benson. Who they?  Did it matter? You never saw them.
Maybe it was the 90s that ushered in Robin Williams as Aladdin, Tom Hanks in Toy Story, Kevin Spacey in A Bug's Life, Woody Allen in Antz... A-League voiceovers are now standard.
This got me thinking of something else. Halfway through The Theory of Everything, when Stephen Hawking loses his voice, thus also terminating Eddie Redmayne's speaking role, the part goes to Hawking's Equalizer computer. Would Hawking get a voiceover credit, or should it go to the guy who originally recorded the 3,000 words that make up the programme?   

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