Monday, February 2, 2015

A Short Visit to the USA

Nightmare journey. Departure of my overnight flight to London was delayed by two hours. Then, not long into the flight, the captain announced that we would be diverting to Washington DC because of fumes coming out of the kitchen. So we landed at 3am, de-planed, spent an hour or so in Immigration where some non-plussed men from Border Protection issued us with 24-hour visas, and off we went to a hotel in the middle of nowhere. Still, at least BA gave us each a room and three meal vouchers and the hotel staff were pretty efficient given that the entire contents of a 747 had just landed on them (figuratively speaking). It seemed I knew half of them. There were some Embassy staff, a teacher and the Klaxons whom I'd seen perform last week. Finally we were shuttled back to the airport and resumed our journey on a 380. The shortest visit I'll ever make to the States... 

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