Saturday, February 28, 2015

International Day, Mexico Style

We've experienced plenty of International Days at our girls' schools in Bangkok and Beijing, but today's in Mexico City was on a different scale. 
It's a big school with children from around 40 countries.  Top is Mexico, followed by (bizarrely) South Korea, several Central/South American countries, Japan, India, Spain, Italy... with Britain somewhere in the bottom half.
There were food stalls from around the world. Even if you were the only kid from Nepal, his or her parents had a stall selling dal baht. 
In the centre of it all was a big stage on which each country was invited to parade in national costume (or if you didn't have / couldn't be bothered to wear it, then just parade). National costume these days is often a football shirt and the Argentinians and Dutch didn't disappoint in that respect. Korea and Japan made the biggest effort. But my favourites were the two parents representing Finland, whose children were too embarrassed to join them, and the mum & daughter from Latvia.
The rest of the day was full of music, dancing, throwing wet sponges at teachers in stocks, a couple of fairground attractions and the inevitable raffle. It was like a cross between the opening ceremony of the Olympics, WOMAD and a giant village fete. All great fun.

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