Sunday, December 21, 2014

Soumaya Museum

This afternoon - somewhat belatedly, it's only a mile or so from our home - I visited the Soumaya Museum. 
It's an extraordinary building, conceived by Carlos Slim and named after his wife who died in 1999. Designed by Fernando Romero, it is covered with 16,000 aluminium tiles and reminds me of Future Systems' Selfridges in Birmingham. The entrance is surprisingly small but opens out into an expansive ground floor with another five floors above that, connected by a Guggenheim-like ramp. Everything is white white white and there's not a straight wall anywhere in the building. So everything's displayed in the middle which makes for an odd experience.  
As befits a collection owned by the richest man in the world, it is all-encompassing: (Literally) tons of Rodin, all the main artists from all the major European movements, decorative arts and a curious exhibition of Sophia Loren in Mexico. But for me it's the building that's the main talking point.

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