Saturday, December 6, 2014

80s Music, Argentinian Style

As part of a warm-up for tomorrow's handover at FIL, we had lunch with the Argentine delegation today. It was a lovely occasion: friendly, relaxed, the conversation centred solely on arts & culture. I sat next to Magdalena Faillace who's in charge of Argentina's cultural programme at FIL running all this week. Charming lady, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture. While across the table was Teresa Parodi, a famous singer who rose to fame in the 80s & 90s before being appointed Minister of Culture last May. Says something that a country's culture boss is actually an artist in her own right.
And more Argentinian music in the evening... 
When I was in Guadalajara a month ago I met the drummer of Soda Stereo, Argentina's biggest rock band (see post). Tonight I saw what was arguably the country's second biggest band, Los Enanitos Verdes (Little Green Men). Like Soda Stereo they were formed in the early 80s, influenced by British new wave, and they're still going. They've toured Mexico many times so are well known, a fact acknowledged by a capacity 3,000 crowd in FIL´s concert hall. 
This time next year it will be our turn to pack the venue out with nine nights of music and dance. Will we bring a crowd-pleasing rock band like Little Green Men? Ah, time will tell...     

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