Monday, December 8, 2014

FIL Forward Planning

Back to Mexico City for a full day's workshop on all things FIL. Fifteen of us in a room going through all we've learned over the past few days: the Pavilion - what it's for, what we'll put in it, how it will be designed, who will construct it; the Literature programme - which writers? big names, new names? just writers with books available in Spanish?; the Children's programme; the Academic programme - everything from higher education to human rights; the Professional programme - publishers, e-books, rights; the Music & Dance programme in the Esplanade - bring crowd-pleasers or something more challenging; the two exhibitions we're required to present; the film festival - how to attract audiences in the cinema across town when most people will be at the Book Fair; how to represent all four home countries; the opening banquet for 700 people; marketing and so on… Very productive. 

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