Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Reformed Mexicans?

The power of the internet... This evening I'd been listening to 1000 Mexicans, an overlooked band from London who made a series of fabulous singles and one corking album in the mid-80s, none of which charted. The injustice still bemuses me.
Wondering what had happened to them I struck upon a website which gave a contact address, sent off a quick missive and received a reply an hour later from one of the band who said they were about to reform. Not only that, he signed off saying he was about to take part in a tribute for a friend, Desmond Simmons. So, within an hour I learnt that, 37 years on, one of my favourite 80s bands is getting back together again, and another quasi-fave musician of mine died suddenly a year ago this week. And all from China.

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