Wednesday, January 22, 2014


At a meeting with China Film Co-Production Corporation today, I asked if they had a list of past UK-China 'co-pros' (as they're called in the business). No surprise which was the first: The Last Emperor in 1986, produced by Jeremy Thomas. But the 24 which have followed over the years (mostly very recently) I've barely heard of. In fact, I struggled to find a UK connection with the majority of them: Zhang Yimou's Under the Hawthorn Tree? Let the Bullets Fly
How does one really classify what country a film comes from? Are the Harry Potters British films?  You'd think with author, script, director, all the actors, production crew and shot on-location in the UK and in Pinewood Studios would make it such, but it was made with Warner Bros money, so technically you could say it was a Hollywood movie. 
Anyway, back to the co-pros. The latest is Legendary: Tomb of the Dragon, directed by Welshman Eric Styles, shot in China with Chinese crew and starring Dolph Lundgren, Scott Adkins and Yi Huang. I haven't seen it, but IMDb says semi-reassuringly: "The good part is that the film is not boring". 

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