Saturday, January 18, 2014

Handball Hijinks

While Liz took Alyssa to a swimathon, at which she swam like a fish to raise money for a school in Tanzania, I took Naomi to a schools handball competition. I'd never seen or played the sport before so was quite intrigued. Eight international schools took part, with a boys tournament in the morning and a girls' in the afternoon, both for 8-10 year olds. And guess what, Naomi's team won! She played really well. I longed for her to score a goal but she's more of a defender and passer. It was funny watching the parents, rooting for their children, punching the air when a goal went in, and contesting the decisions. In the final it got quite ugly. A few accidental knocks prompted a sour-grapes member of the opposition's coaching team to square up to 'our' coach: "You taught them to do that". If it wasn't so preposterous, I'd have laughed, but instead had to intervene to keep them apart. 

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