Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Tube: 150 Today

150 years ago today, the London Underground began. A line went from Paddington to Farringdon and on the opening day 40,000 passengers boarded the subterranean steam train to travel all or part of it (there were seven stops in between). 
1863: imagine!  At that time Palmerston was PM, the Civil War was raging in America and the car had yet to be invented. 
I won't repeat my fascination with tube stations (see this post if you're interested), Edward Johnstone's typeface and logo, Henry Beck's famous map, the poster art, Poems on the Underground... Or indeed moan about its delays, overcrowdedness and the fact that it is very definitely showing its age... Or remember the tragedies of Moorgate, Kings Cross and 7/7/05. Suffice it to say, it's such a part of what London is about and I wish I was there this week for the celebrations.
And that's enough reminiscing.

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