Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bond, James Bond

The Bond film finally opened in China this week, three months after its UK premiere. It was supposed to happen last month, with Daniel Craig & co lined up to appear, but for various reasons it got pushed back, and because Craig is now filming in New York, the China openings have been comparatively muted. Still, my colleagues at the Embassy organized a special screening at MoMA with shaken-not-stirred cocktails, black tie and a couple of Aston Martins outside.
The series is as old as I am, and I confess to being a fan. Seen them all dozens of times. Skyfall is pretty good, much better than the last one. The usual extended opening chase, exotic locations, glamorous women, high body counts and wackos trying to take over the world, but I like the central theme of this one: that Bond - and M - are a bit past it. And the perfect Bond song. 

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