Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rom(e) Com

Took the girls cycling on the main roads to Sanlitun Village. They're pretty confident now. And Naomi ordered lunch in Chinese. They're dying to go back to school. 
Liz and I watched the latest Woody Allen - his 42nd! - To Rome with Love. Naff title. Apparently Allen doesn't even like it; he was going to call it Bop Decameron or Nero Fiddles, but the Italian producers vetoed both. In his autumn years he seems to be working his way through European cities: London, Barcelona, Paris, Rome... I read that he schedules in plenty of museum time in between shooting. He's got it all sussed. 
Anyway, usual middle-class rom-com with a bit of magic realism to make it quirky. Some interesting casting: Robertio Benigni (director & star of Life is Beautiful), Jesse Eisenberg (fresh from being Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network), Alec Baldwin in a very slight role as a sort of critical angel, Penelope Cruz again, and Allen himself as his usual neurotic alter ego (first time he's cast himself in several years). It's OK, a bit below par, Allen on auto-pilot.  

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