Friday, September 28, 2012

No Room at the Inn

Next week China shuts down for National Day holidays but, owing to a flight mix-up, we've jumped the gun and at crack of dawn flew to Guilin in the deep south. It instantly reminds us of Thailand: the heat (30C), the greenness, the landscape (peppered with karst hills, like in Krabi), the fruit, the laidback people... Like coming home.
The flight mix-up also meant that our first night was in the Not-The-Hotel-We-Originally-Wanted, but it turned out fine. Lovely place, the sister hotel to the one we we'll be moving to, with an Italian roof-top restaurant called Luna, from which you can gaze at Moon Hill. 
For some reason - in my case, manic wind-down from work? - we had the hysterics all evening. A real tonic to be en famille and just laugh and laugh about nothing in particular. 

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