Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Himalayas: a Mountain to Climb

Early flight to Shanghai. Funny thing: I was reading about Baffin Island and the Canadian Arctic in Sarah Wheeler’s Magnetic North. Started chatting with the chap sitting next to me, who turned out to be a Brit whose business is transforming shipping containers into accommodation units for remote mines. “Just had a big order for a really remote iron ore mine. It’s on Baffin Island”.
Rest of the day at Himalayas Art Museum mediating in the installation of the Cragg exhibition. The space is wonderful, huge (including a 16m high main gallery), semi-industrial and very new. In fact so new, it’s not really finished yet, which has presented a few problems, but a combination of diplomacy and doggedness seems to be having the desired effect. It will look amazing godwilling.   
Patrick meanwhile has been giving a lecture in Hangzhou today and got back very late. Great to see him. How funny it is that all this has come off.

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