Saturday, September 8, 2012

Brother, Bund

Goodbyes to various people over breakfast. Rest of the day catching up on emails but thankfully broken midway by Patrick’s public talk about Tony’s work and a guided tour of the exhibition. He’s a very engaging, witty speaker. Brotherly bias?!
Enjoyable evening beginning with a couple of exhibition openings: one terrible, the other an excellent 4-floor installation by Italian-born, Alaskan-based artist Paola Pivi at the Rockbund Art Museum. One of the floors contained giant taps with multi-coloured water streaming out of them – so visitors were issued with raincoats. It was raining outside so we kept them on.
Walked down the Bund for dinner at M and drinks in the old Waldorf Astoria Long Bar. Nice, finally, to have some leisurely chat-time with Patrick, set in an intriguing contrast of early 20th century, languorous colonial club-like ambience and early 21st century new China skyline, alive with thrusting skyscrapers and lightning.  

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