Friday, August 31, 2012

The Pleasures of the Dentist

Lunch with the affable Wang Zhengming, Vice President of NCPA, and colleagues. They have a posh restaurant high up in what might be described as the white of the Egg. He's looking for further collaboration on training programmes etc. Let's see. We talked a lot about the London Olympics. It's funny, whenever I get into a conversations here about this, they're hardly ever about the sport. Like many, Wang loved the opening ceremony and admitted he shed a tear or two. 
It being Friday, we had a couple of glasses of wine. I was tempted by a third as I had a dental appointment later and could perhaps have dispensed with the injection. Hate the idea of dentists and the sore mouth afterwards, but funnily enough I don't actually mind the lying back in the chair being operated on. You just lie there, staring into a light, opening your mouth and thinking. 

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