Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Two and a half days in a hotel room, planning arts activities for the next 3 years. OK, not quite down to the level of specific projects (although some were discussed), but broad themes, art-forms, where & with whom we'll do them, how we'll fund them, and why we should do them. Good, open, positive debate. Not too much corporate talk, mainly pretty practical. Next room to us was a Louis Vuitton awayday.
Finished the day in a nice Chinese restaurant and played the game of 'Write Something About Yourself That No-one Else Knows', fold it up and put it in a hat and then take it in turns to read them out and guess who said what. Interesting selection: "I was almost killed in a car crash"; "I am a belly dancer"; I bought Kate Moss a drink"; "I can't swim"; I dated a famous Cuban rock star"; etc. My own was "I slept at the bottom of the Grand Canyon - twice", which took approx 30 seconds to get. Is that so obvious?

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