Friday, August 24, 2012

Anders & Kevin

On the day Anders Behring Breivik was sent down, Liz and I watched We Need to Talk About Kevin.  Breivik's arrogant smirk was matched by the character Kevin's cool, calculating nihilism, but the film was really about Tilda Swinton (brilliantly) playing his mother. How did he become such a monster from such an early age? Was it her fault?  Apparently Breivik was a weird child (including developing that smirk from an early age). We went to bed depressed but thanking god for our lovely normal children. Good film though, which we're planning to show in a British Film Week in three months if it passes the censors. I met the director Lynne Ramsay once. She came to our office in Tokyo in I think 2000, a year after the release of her debut film, Ratcatcher.   Can't remember why, but I recall she wore a leather jacket.
So that was a fun Friday night.

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