Monday, March 19, 2012

Tales from Preposterous Oceans

Listened to Yes on my way to & from work today. 10, 20, 30 years ago, it would have been sacrilege to say such a thing, but with age (and I suppose the gradual re-evaluation of prog), I am happy to say it loud & proud. Of course I'm only talking about a few years in the early 70s, when my introduction to them (from my older, cooler brother) went hand-in-hand with my discovery of Tolkien, when Roger Dean posters adorned my walls and when I could doodle the logo with my eyes shut. I even saw them a couple of times before the decade was out. But the album I've just listened to is a much more recent live effort. I've got to say, 'The Revealing Science of God (Dance of the Dawn)' with its incomprehensible, preposterous lyrics & tricky time signatures went down an absolute treat as I cycled through the Beijing backstreets.   

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