Saturday, March 17, 2012

Red Rock

Busy domesticated day from 9-3, involving pancakes, haircuts and Alyssa & I trying to make a paper maché helmet with integrated earmufflers for a school project. Then off to Bookworm for a talk on Chinese rock music by Jonathan Campbell, an American who until recently played drums in Chinese bands but has since returned to North America, and Hao Fang, the former editor-in-chief of Rolling Stone in China. Interesting stuff, but it was largely limited to talking about the 80s when rock musicians and young Chinese generally, were full of hopes and dreams. 

Afterwards, Liz and I went to MOMA Cinema. We got there early so had a drink, browsed the library and watched a free foyer screening of - funnily enough - a documentary called Beats of Freedom about the history of rock music in Poland. The film we had actually gone to see was Tokyo Newcomer, by a young Chinese director but shot in Japan with a mostly Japanese cast & crew. It was merely OK. We walked out into freezing rain, but uplifted by a good dose of kultcha... 

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