Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yo-yo Day

An up and down sort of day at home. Started well: on the bike with N to buy croissants at the French bakery a mile away. Then a bit of a directionless morning. Liz too. Red shirt tension remains high. Liz nipped out on two shopping excursions but neither yielded what she wanted: Carrefour didn't have the tent she's been eyeing for A's birthday, and the shop which sells cufflinks (birthday present for John) was closed. On the other hand, I recorded what I think is a pretty good compilation for John, sorted out some photos and Liz baked some cakes. Then an energy slump, girls bickering a bit and N beat me at Black Jack. But harmony restored with a fun swim, A did some good maths homework and we played scrabble before bedtime. Then Liz and I still couldn't decide which Beijing school to go for. All normal stuff I suppose

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