Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Off-line Beach

Four days away from a computer: no emails, no blog, no TV and only one call on my mobile - which wasn't work. Wonderful. We were with our friends Sam, Annette and Zoe, five hours south of Bangkok at a beach resort called Rachavadee, near Ban Krut, a village on the narrowest bit of the Thai isthmus: only 8 miles between the Gulf of Thailand on one side and Burma on the other. It was fairly basic, but quiet and OK rooms. Decent Thai food, gorgeous sandy beach, picture-postcard palm trees with hammocks slung between them and lovely warm sea. The girls collected shells, the adults read & snoozed, we swam, we played scrabble, uno and dominoes. We drank smoothies in the afternoon and beer in the evening. Bliss.

Today, Sam and I got up at dawn and cycled up the coast to a temple on a hilly headland. The bikes were as basic as the resort, with rock-hard saddles, but did the job. We stopped for lattes at a posher resort and talked work which was nicer than it sounds given the circumstances. Liz and Annette had massages. So a great break, but over all too quickly...

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  1. great! that's really close to where i was chilling.