Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Red Shirts (continued)

Having taken over and brought to a standstill Bangkok's retail centre, they're now amassing around Silom, the financial centre - just down the road from our home. There's a big throng of them on one side of Rama IV Road, behind a makeshift but fairly formidable barrier of tyres and sharpened bamboo poles, with the police and army on the other side. I had to pick my way through the latter + coiled barbed-wire on my way to and from work today, but amazingly Silom underground station, right in the thick of it, remains open. I'm not sure what they want to 'do' in Silom other than occupy it and bring it to a standstill (I suppose that's enough). It's difficult to know what's going to happen next: a long stand-off, or will the army go in and clear them out?

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