Sunday, March 28, 2010


Today was a bit of a right-off. I've got some kind of bug that has laid me low yesterday and today. Stayed indoors all day, read, made a cardboard washing machine with A, slept, made an apple crumble... Was looking forward to watching the new lavish biopic, Confucius, directed by one of China's few female directors, Hu Mei. But the subtitles were complete nonsense. Here's a sample:

- Warlord: Here you rob Ping of the peer to be dead when Aa New this long.
- Confucius: Equivalent to pee state.
- Warlord: A person who loves digital j j and their families.
- Confucius: Because otherwise I am beginning to do your vertical hold.
- Warlord: Is responsible for both New Aa Aa graduate Air commander in Chief.
- Confucius: You're great.

Surreal and amusing for ten minutes or so, but given this was a film about the wise words of a great philosopher, I'm either going to have to brush up my Mandarin or revert to a more reputable DVD retailer.

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