Friday, March 26, 2010

Camping Out

Finally, after much anticipation, A went on her school camping trip last night. Just one night and actually just within the school grounds, but still, she’s been able to think of little else the last fortnight. Off she went in the morning, carrying sleeping bag, mat, toothbrush, PJs and of course Rabbit. They set up the tents in the afternoon, learned about team-working, played games, prepared a barbeque… and then she promptly felt ill with a temperature of 39C. Poor A, she was distraught. The school nurse gave her some Calpol, she rallied a bit, and even managed to join in with Murder Mystery in the dark, but in the end I had to come and take her home at 9pm.

Actually, it wasn’t quite the calamity it sounded. The teachers had by this time decided that it was too hot to sleep in the tents, so all the children slept in the gym. And if I could bring her back by 7 o’clock the next morning she’d join them again for breakfast. So that’s what we did. A got a good night’s sleep at home and didn’t miss too much fun.

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