Friday, July 8, 2016

Signing Off

Today is my last post. Tomorrow, I will no longer be a Brit Abroad. After near 17 years living in Japan, Thailand, China and Mexico, six and a half of those writing this blog, I will be back 'home' in Britain, dragging my family back with me. 
It's been fun, documenting our adventures and sharing experiences of other cultures, while at the same time writing about music and books and stuff. I've been incredibly fortunate having had this opportunity to live in four amazing countries - the last three captured in this blog. 
I didn't think I'd keep it up, let alone write so much (some 1,750 posts!), but living in different cultures has meant there's always been stuff to write about. Not sure that'll apply when being back in Britain. Although thanks to last month's referendum it hardly seems the same country as the one we left, so maybe there will!  But that will be for another blog, maybe.

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