Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Miami Beach, particularly South Beach (or SoBe as it's called locally) is famous for its Art-Deco architecture. Our hotel is a fairly typical example, a couple of blocks back from the beach. It's been beautifully renovated, as have most buildings in the neighbourhood. It has a pristine feeling, or even that we're in a theme park, but that's a minor gripe: it really is beautiful. Interestingly, the hotel doesn't have a restaurant. Its reception area simply has a help-yourself assortment of croissants, fruit & coffee in the morning and cheese & wine in the early evening. Civilised.
Outside is a small but decent pool and glass table tennis table.
Across the road is a classic 50s diner, converted from one of those wonderful aluminum (did I get the spelling right?) rocket caravans. Fantastic brunches, burgers, pastrami-on-rye, and apple pie milkshakes (they just cut a big slice from an apple pie and throw it in the liquidiser along with some milk & ice-cream). Heaven.

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