Thursday, December 17, 2015

Underground Art

Today the last UKMX event took place… underground, in Polanco Metro station. It's an exhibition of 23 works by nine young British artists produced by the London-based Mexican curator and gallery owner, Javier Calderon, who also curated the Immersive Frames video-art exhibition across town. The latter features more established artists, but this one is an interesting experiment, using some big glass cabinets near the ticket lobby with a potential audience of 25,000 a day. It's on for three months, so do the maths! 
Anyway, we met Jorge Gavino, Director of Mexico City's Metro and discussed other opportunities. There's another station, San Lazaro, which is big enough to host concerts with full-scale orchestras. There's something very appealing about taking cart out out traditional venues and into the public realm. Let's see…

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