Friday, December 4, 2015


Jason Swinscoe
More talks, more everything... Inua Ellams's urban fairytales, a short Shakespeare interpretation by Ofelia Medina, a panel on contemporary feminism, another on LGBT, scientists as role models (and what they can gain from literature), Celtic crime etc. Meanwhile the film festival continues across town though hardly any of us have been able to get to see any of it. A pity, as tonight Hitchcock's The Lodger is being screened with a live local band.
Cinematic Orchestra
The big challenge facing us today, though, was the fact that Cinematic Orchestra's baggage was stuck in Dallas. Clothes, customised keyboards, effects pedals, the lot. There was some doubt whether they could do the show but Ivan and the ForoFIL production team managed to source some gear that would make do. There was then an exciting dilemma as the original stuff finally arrived and Dom & Andrea got it off the plane, raced back to ForoFIL and, with literally minutes to spare, delivered a few essentials. 
The concert itself was fantastic. Led by ex-Ninja Tune employee Jason Swinscoe, Cinematic Orchestra are jazz, but with subtle, quirky, contemporary, electronic differences. A bit of dub step, a lot of film vibe and some wonderful soulful vocals ('To Build A Home' being a prime example - captured on You Tube here) . They've not released an album in five years but have just finished a sold out 22-date European tour and tonight was the best attended gig of the week so far. Amazing.

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