Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Trainspotting, Mexican Style (2)

Last night Liz and I attended another premiere (oh, the glamour), this time the Mexican version of Trainspotting. I'd caught a rehearsal last month - see post - but they've upscaled from the tiny Bajo Circuito to the much bigger Teatro Hipodromo, an art deco former cinema on the edge of Condesa. It's seen better days but the tattiness lent itself to the play… which was fantastic.  
The story shifts from Edinburgh to Mexico City, but otherwise it's roughly the same raucous tale of heroin-users swearing their way to oblivion. The largely unknown actors were brilliant, sometimes talking directly to the enthusiastic audience. Indeed there was a kind of party atmosphere about the whole thing, with sleazy go-go dancers welcoming people in and pumping techno in the interval, including Underworld of course. Trainspotting wouldn't be the same without Underworld.

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