Friday, November 27, 2015

Pre-FIL Stuff 2

With George Blacklock
More exhibition openings: David Hockney's Words and Pictures and George Blacklock & Gary Oldman's Slipping Glimpsers. The first is straightforward: 80 prints from 1961-77 inspired by literature (Rake's Progress, Grimm's fairy tales, poems etc). The second is a juxtaposition of colourful oil paintings by Blacklock and monochromatic photographs by the actor Oldman - the link being that the two have been friends for 25 years. The only link I think!  Anyway, they are both beautifully installed in adjacent galleries in MUSA and we had a fine double-opening this evening. 
 Meanwhile, our Pavilion is nearing completion - a huge red, two-tiered construction of wood, canvas and scaffolding designed by Carmody Groarke which has an auditorium, bookshop, lounge, publishers area and exhibition space. See this fun time-lapse of it being built.
Our biggest challenge now is flight delays. Fog in Mexico City is causing delays and cancellations and it's affecting the 250 writers, academics, scientists performing artists, staff etc now beginning to arrive (or not, as the case may be). Big opening day tomorrow and I'm already knackered.  

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