Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lewis Hamilton v Felipe Montero

The F1 circus is in town. It's been 23 years since Mexico City hosted a Grand Prix, but this year marks its comeback. Lewis Hamilton won't have to try too hard, having won the World Championship in the US last week, and perhaps this enabled him to relax this evening with a spot lucha libre wrestling. 
My colleague Felipe Montero is obsessed with F1. That's not him in the ring with Hamilton, but for the last couple of months he's spent all his spare time training to be a marshal at the race. So when there's a crash, he's one of the guys who helps get the driver out, removes the car and waves a flag. He'll be stationed on the first corner. So does he hope there'll be a crash? "Of course! Not a nasty one obviously, but enough to call me into action". 
I'm not an F1 fan, but just this once I think I'll switch the TV on…  at least for the first corner.

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