Friday, October 30, 2015

Black Cats and Red Wigs

The day before Hallowe'en, so everybody at school got to wear weird outfits. Our two looked suitably gothic as I dropped them off at the bus stop this morning, their friends a mixture of ghoulish and just strange (one dressed up as a SnapChat app. Eh?). 
The streets of Polanco are lined with arched black cats, spiders in candy-floss webs and witches on broomsticks Our office has an ofrenda in reception - pan de muertos, pumpkins, a picture of Shakespeare saying "Ser o No Ser" (figure it out) - and some kids came in trick-or-treating. People dressed up, not necessarily in spooky garb, just wacky. So Lena and I dared each other to wear a stupid hat and wig all day in the office, forgetting for a moment that we had our monthly UKMX Board meeting with the Ambassador and co. But we went ahead anyway. It felt a little odd sitting opposite the Ambo wearing a long red wig, but even odder that hardly anyone remarked upon it.

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