Friday, November 7, 2014

From Orphanage to Museum

Orozco murals
Maximo Gonzalez installation
More Guadalajara meetings, finishing at the Hospicio Cabanas, a former orphanage, now a museum. It was established in 1810 by Bishop Juan Ruiz de Cabanas and is truly enormous, featuring 23 courtyards and, in the middle, a large chapel which is plastered with the frescoes of Jose Orozco (one of Mexico's great muralists). They are overwhelmingly grim, painted in 1937-38 after the chapel had been deconsecrated. 
The Hospicio continued as an orphanage until as late as 1982. An interesting anecdote is that many of the children who entered its doors didn't have or couldn't remember their surnames, so the carers gave each of them the name of Cabanas, which explains why there are now so many Cabanas in Mexico.
But really I was here to recce the place for a possible exhibition next year. Aside from the Orozcos, the Museum is actually better known for its contemporary exhibitions. The current show is by Argentinian artist Maximo Gonzalez who lives & works in Mexico City. Really interesting stuff.

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