Monday, November 3, 2014

An Announcement

Announcing UKMX at the Palacio Nacional
Yesterday the Prince of Wales & the Duchess of Cornwall arrived in Mexico City and today, amongst other engagements, they (or rather Charles & President Nieto) announced the Dual Year of UK in Mexico and Mexico in UK. Running the former is what I'll be doing for the next year and a bit so it was a pretty big moment for me. 
The announcement took place in an impressive courtyard within the Palacio Nacional. Speeches were given, things were signed and Michael Nyman (bless him) was named as one of the highlights of the Year ahead. 
Duchess of Cornwall & Landy
From there we walked a block to San Ildefonso Museum to prepare for the evening's big reception. All pretty frenetic with last minute changes and all the stress that is par for the course for these things, but there's no denying it was  exciting and glamorous... and heaving with people. We took Camilla around Landy's Saints Alive exhibition while Charles did an Education event in another room, before they reunited to circulate amongst the throng of people in the courtyard, giving Security plenty to be worried about.   
Then they were gone, waved off by a crowd on the pavement shouting "Bye bye Charlie!"
As an announcement of the celebratory year ahead, it doesn't get much bigger. Now all we have to do is live up to it. 

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