Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mexican Architecture

It became clear just how big Mexico City is when my taxi took an hour & a half to get to the Centro Nacional de las Artes in the south of the city this evening - for a concert by the Philharmonia. Arriving late for the first part of the programme, it gave me the opportunity to take in the architecture of the place, a multi-purpose arts centre, designed by several Mexican architects. The concert hall was designed by Teodoro Gonzalez de Leon and Ernesto Betancourt in the mid-90s. Rough orange walls contrast with smooth grey flooring. 
The only two Mexican architects I'd heard of before were modernists Luis Barragan and Ricardo Legoreta (whose most famous building, the Camino Real Hotel, we nearly ended up staying in instead of our serviced apartment). But there are so many beautiful buildings, both new and old and newly-renovated old. 

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