Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tokyo Story

A nostalgic afternoon revisiting old haunts in Yotsuya. Our old home is still there and the little park with the big tree (and deafening cicadas), and Mikuni restaurant across the road. Marusho supermarket too, though it's moved across the road. Paul and Tokyo Soup Stock eateries are still by the train station, but Little India has gone. 
In Shinjuku, Tower Records is still by the station, all four floors of it. But Disk Union has slimmed down from 7 floors to 2, and the prog basement across the road has gone completely. Funny how important these little things remain in my mind... But really, the day was about soaking in the Tokyo atmosphere: the narrow backstreets, prefab houses, combini stores and mess/mass of overhead cables; the bowing, the sumimasens, the incredible politeness, the cool chic of youngsters and well-dressed elderlies; the sounds of the Odakyu and Yamonote lines. Wonderful.  

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