Sunday, August 24, 2014

Old Friends

A strange thing. Our Austrian neighbours from Bangkok, Peter & Anke and their three children, are now living in Mexico City - in fact have been for two years. They live out to the south west in a nice house with a tree stuck in the middle of it. Today they invited us over and we got the low-down on living in Mexico. Good to see them again. And nice for our two to have some non-adult time in preparation for the big day tomorrow. 
Although hardly an old friend (I met him once), respect to Sir Richard Attenborough who died today. Six decades an actor and director. I particularly liked him in Brighton Rock and I'm Alright Jack, although my two remember him for The Miracle on 34th Street. Whichever era you choose, he had a hand in it. 
Why I met him was through a mutual interest in Charlie Chaplin. He was in the middle of directing his biopic and I had just written & produced a small exhibition. Dickie came to the opening.  Nice, effusive chap. A total lovey, grabbing my arm, saying all the right things.

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