Saturday, June 7, 2014

That First Album

Alyssa bought her first album today, Selena Gomez & the Scene's When the Sun Goes Down.  Whilst I make no comment about Miss Gomez - star of The Wizards of Waverly Place, a DVD of which is always on whenever A's friends come over - I do recognise the importance of That First Album. Especially one that she went to a shop to buy, not a download, and bought with pocket money. In fact, A remarked that I was more excited than she was!
For the, er, record, my first album was Focus 3, bought when I was 11, soon-to-be 12, so not much younger than Alyssa. The question is, what kind of collection will she amass? Will she get Gomez's previous two albums (like I did with Focus)? Will she go Latino or Grunge? Will she get into vinyl? It is, of course, as important as school.

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