Wednesday, June 4, 2014

30 Years Ago Today...

...I started working at the British Council. Today there were no celebrations, commiserations or carriage clocks, because no-one knows. I was first employed through a temping agency, paid on a weekly basis, then on a short-term contractual basis, and finally, a year or so later, permanently. 
I still remember going into a Brook Street Bureau on Oxford Street on Friday 1 June 1984 asking for a job, any job, to supplement my meagre music writing. "Here's something for you, sir. The British Council". I'd never heard of it. But on Monday 4 June in I went and started wheeling parcels around while writing Sounds reviews in between deliveries, sitting in a dilapidated armchair in the loading bay, with Irish John (who liked a flutter) and Frank (a West Indian who had a good singing voice). 
And the rest is history...

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