Sunday, October 20, 2013

That Old Chestnut

Mutianyu is known for its chestnuts. It's the end of the harvesting season so they're all over the place. In the trees, underfoot and on the dinner table. We had chestnut soup and chestnut & bacon rolls last night. And Liz, Sarah & Oddveig made pasta & chestnut sauce this morning.
But what happened to conkers? Cue boyhood memories of filling up plastic bags full of the things, drilling holes in them, passing through a knotted string and then competing with my brother to smash his to smithereens. I believe 'health & safety' has put paid to conker competitions at school, but The World Conker Championships are still held in the the village of Ashton somewhere in the middle of England on the second Sunday of October each year. So that was last week. A quick check reveals that Sophie Knox was crowned 2013 Conker Queen and Simon Cullum Conker King. 

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