Sunday, October 6, 2013


At about 9 o'clock this morning as we sat on our camels, our caravan venturing deeper and deeper into the Tengger Desert, it suddenly occurred to me that (a) we were in China, and (b) in 24 hours time I will be back in the office staring at my PC.
The Tengger Desert - which I'd never heard of until a month ago - is the size of Switzerland. And yet it is really a mere part of the much bigger Gobi Desert (which would swallow up France, Spain and Portugal combined). It's a majestic place and, our two hours in it today, the highlight of our trip.
Then it was back to the dune buggies for an altogether faster return journey to 'civilisation'. On the approach to Yinchuan we passed bits of the Great Wall and Zhenbeibu China West Film Studio where Zhang Yimou shot Red Sorghum in 1987. A great trip.

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