Friday, March 15, 2013

Maroubra Bay

Final day of our meeting to discuss the detail of some of the major programmes that we'll be running over the next year or two. Good, constructive atmosphere.
But all this food and sitting around propelled me to get some exercise. So went for a run around Sydney Opera House and into the Botanical Gardens. Then a taxi to the south-east suburb of Coogee for dinner with my step-nephew Justin and his wife Alex two young children in bed). Very nice evening: he works for the Tourism & Transport authority, she for the Sydney Morning Herald (although currently on maternity leave) so lots to talk about.
On the way back I noticed a sign for Maroubra Bay which is not remarkable in itself - there are lots of local bays and beaches more famous. But it just happens to be the name of one of my favourite pieces of music, by Edgar Froese (from 1975), and I'd never thought where it came from. Funny how those little moments are kind of special... 

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