Thursday, March 7, 2013

Boy, Tiger, Water

Post Oscars, it is of course tempting to rush out and watch the biggies, if not already seen. So tonight I ticked off Life of Pi... which I found really disappointing. Not read the book so can't compare, but it was slow, not as 'deep' as I'd been led to believe and I found the CGI garish and unsympathetic. Pity - I have great admiration for Ang Lee. He seems to be able to tackle anything, from Jane Austen and gay cowboys to 18th Century martial arts and war-time Shanghai. But this was just dull. And the old Hollywood adage, 'Stay clear of animals, children and water', wasn't said for nothing. Anyhow, the film won three Oscars and made $600m at the box office, so what do I know?

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