Friday, February 15, 2013

Rock Hits Russia

Amazing video footage of a meteor racing through the Russian sky and landing near Chelyabinsk near the Kazakhstan border. Apparently it was the largest object known to have entered Earth's atmosphere in over 100 years. There was a tremendous sonic boom (it was doing 40,000 mph) which shattered windows and even caused walls to collapse. Many injured but thankfully no-one killed. By the time it actually hit the ground there was very little left of it. What a journey it must have had...
Coincidentally, I'm reading a book, White Fever by Jacek Hugo-Bader, in which the author drives from Moscow to Vladivostock. He's just gone past Chelyabinsk and has stopped a few hundred miles further east in a place called Abakan. This is where a chap called Sergey Torop, re-named Vissarion, has set up a religious community of 2,000 followers. Vissarion says he is a reincarnation of Jesus Christ and proclaims stuff about the end of the world. Perhaps the meteor was heading his way, but missed? 

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